Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nurture Your Spirit

Here I am back again to post. I apologize for my extended absence, and look forward to posting more frequently.

Today, I have been thinking a lot about what holds people back from aligning to their highest path and purpose, and keeps people stuck in situations that don't necessarily serve their highest good. While reflecting on this, I came across a piece of channeled writing about self-care and healing, that came through my guides more than a year ago. I thought it was very relevant and would love to share it.

(I received this on March 12, 2009 and have edited it a bit for clarity as the guidance came through so fast I was unable to type in complete sentences.)

Your deepest desires are to feel free to live with beauty and grace….giving love while loving yourself in tune with the Truth of your Being. How do you incorporate this vision into your daily experience? There are many paths to accomplish this. Begin with awareness and being in tune to the present moment. As the veils between worlds begin to thin, through the intention of presence, you will see the sacred that lies in what you may have previously considered to be the mundane. Healing your relationship with Self is where you must start. Proceed to heal your relationships and forgive those who you have not yet been able to forgive. In this forgiveness and self-love, lies your redemption.

It is so important to heal the self before you can truly assist others. Know that in giving to others you will meet yourself over and over again, and this provides a divine opportunity for Soul growth. Please never deny yourself though, or put your desires to assist others ahead of your own healing and wholeness. It is not noble to deny yourself to help another for we are all One. If you deny your Truth you cannot truly assist another. In giving to yourself, you give to All, and have a greater reservoir of which to draw from in order to gift others with inspiration and love.

When you are in the valleys of your life, remember that inevitably there will be a vista ahead to climb. This does not have to be wrought with struggle or drama, if you surrender to the natural ebb and flow of your experience. Be grateful for all parts of the journey and allow yourself to flow with the natural cycles of life and learning. Savor your experiences and allow them to propel you forward into the full expression of your Being. Taste the intricate flavors of each new experience and feel the complexities of the flavors swirl around on your tongue. Each new taste offers the inspiration for a recipe to share with those that you intend to serve. Pour your Whole Self into all that you will do and you will find an richness you have never imagined.