Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moving beyond Ego...

When we think of ego in ourselves or other people we often focus on how we view ourselves as superior or better than other people. I think that few people realize that we we judge ourselves to be less-than, or inferior to anyone else that is also our ego at work. In fact virtually ALL of our judgements about ourselves or anyone else come directly from the ego.

In order to transcend the ego, we need to realize and recognize all of the insidious ways our egos show up in our lives. When you begin to do this you will realize the magnificence of your Light, and have a much easier time seeing that light in others, without the fear and judgement that many of us experience in new situations when we are stepping out of our comfort zones.

How has your ego stopped you from showing up in your life in the ways you want to show up? Where have you judged yourself to be inferior or unworthy? You are a beautiful manifestation of God -- learn to embrace yourself with compassion and acceptance so you can inspire others to do the same.

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