Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On Awakening

Hello beautiful ones! It has been quite some time since I have chosen to share my thoughts and ideas through this format.  I actually thought about starting over completely, and creating a whole new blog.  After thinking about this though, I am aware of the value of some the old posts as a reminder of how far I have come, and how far we all have come on our journeys of awakening and remembrance. I also know that there are inspirations and wisdom contained in past writings and ramblings, so I choose to share it all.

We are all being called to share it all, in a multitude of ways.  We are being called forward into complete authenticity, and a willingness to be vulnerable living fulling from the beautiful wisdom of the heart.  This awareness at the heart of our individual paths to Awaken from the illusions of separation, and all of the related violence and suffering that has resulted over the course of our planet's history. It is time now.  We can no longer remain complacent to our deep inner truths, as the entire plant and universe is helping facilitate all of us toward remembering the long hidden truths of our own divinity and connectedness to all that is.

The more we surrender to the process while staying in awareness, the greater ease we can experience through what for many may seem quite chaotic and scary.  In truth there is nothing to fear, all is well.  We are collectively moving toward a relaty of limitless possibility, expansion, and love! As this all unfolds, it is apparent that those who are interested in control, fear mongering, and separation are pulling out all the stops to keep this planetary awakening from occurring, however, these efforts are in vain.  We have already reached a critical mass, and it is happening now. The whole planet is ascending into higher and higher vibrational resonances, and more and more people are choosing consciousness over fear.  How exciting is that? We really have much to celebrate as we near the end of this pivotal year, and I am so glad to be on the planet at this amazing and blessed time.  Love and hugs to all of you!


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