Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two steps forward....

In any great endeavor we undertake it seems inevitable that there will be a few setbacks. How we deal with those setbacks, (which I prefer to look at as growth opportunities), determines to a large extent the level of success we will obtain in our lives. It can be jarring to experience one of these "opportunities", and it can cause us to question ourselves and our goals. This can be healthy in some ways, as long as we take the time to honestly reflect on our goals to determine if we are on the right path. This is not so much an intellectual process, as it is an emotional, or feeling, process.

Each supposed setback gives us a chance to renew our motivation, and get back into the flow of inspiration, which can create more energy and resolve, helping us to reach our goals, and hopefully enjoy the journey along the way. Many successful people have said that perseverance in the face of challenges and obstacles is their key to success. Sometimes this is painful for our egos, because it is hard to deal with rejection or perceived failure, but the more we practice the easier it gets. Try re-framing your thinking about your perceived obstacles, and look for their hidden gifts. This will help you consistently move in the direction of your dreams, and will help you tear down the walls of limitation, letting you transcend and move through any blocks you may face on your path.

We are all divinely supported by the universe, and we have great power when we flow with life, instead of resisting it.

Blessings of Light and Peace :)


  1. Great post! so inspiring!

  2. Thank you. I am glad you found it inspiring.